Compositions pesticides synergiques et procedes associes

Synergistic pesticidal compositions and related methods


A pesticidal composition comprises a synergistically effective amount of a juvenile hormone mimicking compound and a pesticide selected from N (3 chloro 1 (pyridin 3 yl) 1H pyrazol 4 yl) N ethyl 3 ((3,3,3 trifluoropropyl)thio)propanamide (I), N (3 chloro 1 (pyridin 3 yl)-1H pyrazol 4 yl) N ethyl 3-((3,3,3 trifluoropropyl)sulfinyl)propanamide (II), or any agriculturally acceptable salt thereof. A method of controlling pests comprises applying the pesticidal composition near a population of pests. A method of protecting a plant from infestation and attack by insects comprises contacting the plant with the synergistic pesticidal composition. I II




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