Procede d'hydrolyse thermique en continu de boues a forte siccite

Method for the continuous thermal hydrolysis of sludge with a high dryness value


The invention relates to a method for the continuous thermal hydrolysis of sludge to be treated containing organic matter, and to a facility for implementing said method, said method comprising at least: a. a step of destructuring said sludge to be treated, producing destructured sludge; b. a step of thermal hydrolysis of said destructured sludge in a thermal hydrolysis reactor, producing hydrolysed sludge; and c. a step of cooling said hydrolysed sludge. According to the invention, said destructuring step consists in: introducing said sludge to be treated into a dynamic mixer; and heating said sludge from said dynamic mixer, the heating being generated by introducing, into a heat exchanger, both said sludge from the dynamic mixer and said hydrolysed sludge, this then inducing said cooling.




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