A cannula, an injection or infusion device and methods of using the cannula or the injection or infusion device

Canule, dispositif d'injection ou perfusion, et procedes d'utilisation de canule ou de dispositif d'injection ou perfusion


The present invention provides a cannula (300) with a distal end (311) and a proximal end (312), comprising a sidewall (301) defining a lumen (302) for receiving a fluid (800) from a feeding device (400, 500), wherein the sidewall (301) comprises a plurality of openings (303) for supplying the fluid (800) into a target tissue (700) of a patient. Each opening (304) is in fluid communication with the lumen (302) of the cannula (300). Furthermore, an injection or infusion device (100, 200) is provided, comprising said cannula (300) and a feeding device (400, 500) for supplying the fluid (800) to the cannula (300), wherein the cannula (300) is attached or is configured to be attachable to the feeding device (400, 500). Corresponding methods are also provided, using said cannula and/or said injection or infusion device (100, 200).




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