Simulateur configurable avec des capacites de test

A configurable simulator with testing capabilities


The present disclosure relates to a configurable simulator with testing capabilities, comprising a simulation controller and a plurality of configurable modular cards. The simulation controller determines configuration parameters of the cards and exchanges configuration messages with the cards. The simulation controller also receives and processes test notifications from the cards. Each card comprises a configurable input/output unit comprising a plurality of configurable inputs and outputs, and a power supply comprising a plurality of configurable power supply circuits. The input/output unit exchanges configuration messages with the simulation controller and sends the test notification. Each card further comprises a processor for configuring the configurable input/output unit, and the power supply. The processor also executes a simulation code to implement a functionality of the simulator. The processor further tests the input/output unit and the power supply, monitors the execution of the simulation code, and generates the test notification based on test results.




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