Detection d'occlusion pour appareil de regulation de debit

Occlusion detection for flow control apparatus


There is disclosed a flow control apparatus adapted for a feeding set having a housing capable of receiving at least a portion of the feeding set, a pumping device for actiong on the feeding set to produce fluid flow in the feeding set for delivery of fluid. The pumping device has a rotor and a motor operatively connector to the rotor for rotating the rotor to act on the feeding set to produce fluid flow in the feeding set. The apparatus has a sensor arranged with respect to the pumping device to produce a signal indicative of a rotational position of the rotor, and a control circuit in communication with the sensor for receiving the sensor signal from the sensor indicative of the rotational position of the rotor and in communication with the pumping device to control operation thereof. The control circuit controls operation of the motor at a first output to rotate the rotor to produce fluid flow in the feeding set and at a second output effectively less than the first output, the control circuit monitoring the sensor signal during operation of the motor at the second output to determine occlusion in the feeding set.




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